Monday, August 1, 2011

The Agreeable Brains Ep 9

The one where 57% is not a fraction, Scott drinks Wilco Tango Foxtrot and rips on Ford, hard drives do not crash when half full, Top Gear goes USA, we get Combat Evolved, Ted McGinley was Roger in Happy Days, and we discuss the same generation but different.


  1. As a school administrator I see the divide between "Jocks" and "Nerds" still exists, but it's FAR less than it used to be. Nearly all kids, regardless of background, play videogames and the like. Now, they definitely haven't all been exposed to RPGs, CCGs, etc.....heck, most kids these days don't know how to play ANY card games (pitch, spades, gin, etc) and boardgames are verboten with most of them, since all they do is videogames, texting, have way more in common with each other than even they know.

    The single biggest divider between kids is of course, money. Some kids have it, some kids don't. Bottom line.

    In terms of "geeks" seemingly inheriting the earth, people from OUR era are still pretty much anti-geek stuff. But anyone younger seems to be more accepting of it. I talk to my peers and co-workers about my hobbies and they stare at me like I'm speaking in Klingon. Younger people may not play but they at least acknowledge it.

    There is still a social stigma attached to playing these types of games, but if you look- it doesn't come from the younger twentysomethings and younger. It comes from people still our age and comedians, etc..... you know, people have such a negative mindset. They just trash things without ever trying them. Back in high school I and my friends would invite the "Jocks" to play some games with us- at the time it was "Battletech." Or D n D. And to a person, they ALL had fun while playing, though they wouldn't admit it to the "in" crowd. It's still that way.

    I'm trying to get away from the whole videogame thing and more towards old fashioned games played around a table- life is too short to be isolated from humanity staring at a computer screen.

  2. That is a great perspective to have, considering we aren't in school anymore so we really can't speak of it outside of us guessing. Thanks!